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About Folie

Folie A Deux is a shared dream, a shared madness, born out of a love of dressing up and old fashioned glamour.

Our womenswear collection is a delicious dressing up box of bold silhouettes, enchanting colours and curious patterns. Our pieces blend classic shapes, quality fabrics and a playful personality with a dark twist.

Our collection is designed and sourced with fanatical attention to detail by Folie a Deux founders Halimah Haque and Katie Sangers.

Our partnership started in 2008 in the world of high end cosmetics. After developing and launching many make-up collections together, we’re turning our love of dressing up and creative expression into a new, alternative womenswear brand.

We stand for bold expression, individuality and confidence and this is reflected in the timeless treasures that we have crafted to celebrate the playful spirit and beauty of the women whom they will adorn.

Katie’s infatuation with bygone glamour, passion for colour and obsession with detail are ingrained in the Folie identity.

Halimah’s fascination with the unusual and penchant for the macabre can be seen reflected across the Folie collection.

Luring, imploring, inviting you in
The shattering of beauty is where you begin...